Industrial Solar Systems

Are you developing and implementing solar energy on an industrial scale? We invite you to call Koala Solar to discuss your project needs. Our team of professionals are experienced in large-scale industrial projects including the supply of solar power systems for:

  • Schools and Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Housing Developments
  • Farms
  • Commercial Developments

High Performance Industrial Solar Equipment

We offer a range of panels, inverters, batteries and components that not only meet Australian Standards, but will also meet the energy needs and performance demands of industrial-scale projects.

Choose Koala Solar Power for ‘Green’ Credentials

For everything from housing developments, to schools and mining projects, “clean and green” energy is an increasingly important factor in a project’s viability. Today’s communities expect companies to deliver environmentally friendly buildings and products and councils are enforcing this expectation with “star ratings” and other green initiatives. Using Solar Power, your industrial project can achieve a financially inexpensive, renewable, low-emission source of energy. It’s a green solution that ticks all the boxes.

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