Solar Battery Systems in Perth

Solar battery systems designed for your clean energy storage applications

Make sure you have solar power whenever you need it? With a solar battery system and high-quality solar battery storage, you can make use of all the energy stored from your solar panels, ensuring you of unlimited solar power.

Koala Solar is a proud West Australian-owned family business; that’s why we choose Australian-owned suppliers for our panels, inverters, batteries and components whenever possible. For more information about our battery packs, contact us today.

How does it work?

Solar storage batteries store energy generated by solar panels or wind turbines for periods when there isn’t sufficient sun or wind to generate electricity for immediate use. There are several types of batteries available, each with different capabilities to meet different purposes. Requirements regarding temperature, mounting and ventilation will differ, depending on the type of solar battery used.

Solar battery types

There’s a variety of solar panel battery systems designed to meet a wide range of unique requirements. The two common types include:

  • AGM

Solar AGM batteries are relatively resilient and can withstand a fair amount of transport. They are sealed, which means that they are maintenance free and won’t crack or leak corrosive fumes. This battery also loses less power (low discharge rate) when not in use than other solar powered batteries.

  • Gel batteries

Silica gel is added to these batteries to transform the acid within the solar battery into a stable solid state. Gel solar batteries are safe for use, and in the unlikely event that they break, the acid won’t spill or leak. It has a slow discharge rate and recovers quickly from an extended period of discharge, which makes it ideal if it’s going to be used on a semi-regular basis.

Storage time

The average storage time for a solar battery is usually estimated at three times your daily storage usage. Ideally you should get three days of power from your solar powered batteries.

With solar storage, you can maintain your current lifestyle using only a renewable energy system. It’s time to save on your electricity bills and make an ecological difference. Invest in a solar panel with a battery and see the difference in your household or business.

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