Achieving energy independence with a Fronius inverter

So you want to ease your way off the grid and source power from the sun? There’s something satisfying about embracing solar power. Energy independence is an awesome feeling, let me tell you! But to increase your independence you’re going to need an inverter – and an efficient one. 

Inverters may only be the size of a medicine cabinet but these devices are the brain of your PV system. They “invert” DC power (like the low-voltage energy that charges your phone, which is what panels produce) into AC electricity (the stuff that comes out of the sockets in your walls). In fact, the block-y bit of your phone charger is an inverter that goes the other way — AC to DC. Rock on! 

But you can’t grab any old inverter – all inverters are not made equal. A high-quality inverter will give you as much power from the grid as possible, which is not only beneficial for the environment but your wallet too! 

What is the best solar inverter in Australia? Fronius is definitely up there. Their inverters are the epitome of smart power. They have a stellar reputation for getting the most out of your solar panels. Let’s dive into why their inverters are so damn grouse! 


What’s so special about Fronius inverters?

Fronius is an Austrian technology company that produces welding technology, photovoltaics and battery charging. The company has been around since 1945 but launched in Australia in 2000 and quickly became the trusted inverter manufacturer in the country. 

Where are Fronius inverters made? Fronius inverters are manufactured in Austria using minerals from conflict-free zones and energy generated by PV systems. In other words, “Fronius treats sustainability as a lived reality, not just a cliché,” just like their website says. 

The company rigorously tests its devices, and only after subjecting their inverters to extreme outside elements including hot/cold temperatures, moisture, ice, salt and dirt that they’re comfortable putting them into production. Australia’s climate is a rough one so Fronius’ focus on durability is appreciated. 

The main clincher for inverters is efficiency. What does inverter efficiency actually mean? It signals how much solar electricity will be lost travelling from your solar panels to your switchboard. Fronius inverters are known to be high-performing, boasting 97.8% efficiency (the standard is between 95 to 98%). This is efficient, really efficient. Fronius has even more going for them, but first, I’ll give you a rundown on the different types of inverters available. 


What are the different Fronius inverter types?


Fronius Primo

The Fronius Primo is a single-phase inverter designed for homeowners that are single-phase compatible. We go into the difference between single-phase and three-phase inverters more in-depth here

The Fronius Primo boasts 97.8% maximum efficiency. It has a 3-to-8.2 kW output, which basically means it has the capacity to take on the DC electricity coming from average-sized residential solar panel setups. Even if you’re consuming more energy than the average household, you’ll know this inverter will get you through.  

Worried about how your PV system will stand up to shade? The Primo Inverter has a Dynamic Peak Manager. A what now? A DPM is a shade management system that maximises your PV system’s performance. The tracking algorithm detects any shade and scans the voltage output to find the most efficient operating point.  

As for accessibility, the Primo is in the SnapINverter range. SnapINverter technology is designed for easy installation and flexible maintenance. It literally snaps right on! 

Want to get really nerdy? The Fronius Primo is Wi-Fi enabled so you can monitor solar performance on the “solar.web” platform through your computer or smartphone. In the case of any system errors, you’ll know about them quickly and can fix them accordingly. 

Fronius Primo key benefits:

  • Maximum efficiency (97.8%)
  • Easy to install (SnapINverter technology) 
  • Generates more electricity in shaded areas (DPM)
  • Longer life span (cooling fan avoids overheating, reducing pressure on parts)
  • Reliable for outside installation (rigorous testing)
  • Ability to monitor through “solar.web” platform (wi-fi)
  • 5-year warranty, 10 years on parts 

Fronius Symo

The Fronius Symo is a three-phase inverter with high output – 3.0 and 5.0 kW. It extracts more kWh per kW than almost any other inverter on the market! Do you have multiple or irregular roofs? The Symo’s SuperFlex Design means it can take whatever PV system setup you have going on, which is helpful to those who have separate panels on different sides of the house. 

The Fronius Symo inverter can connect to the internet via network cable or WLAN. Inverter wi-fi setup means you can monitor solar performance and increase your consumption rate and use less energy from the grid. You can connect your meter and other home automation systems too. In other words, you’ll be freeing yourself from the rising costs of electricity.

Fronius Symo benefits:

  • Maximum efficiency (98.1%)
  • Easy to install (SnapINverter technology) 
  • Suits irregularly shaped or multi-oriented roofs (SuperFlex Design)
  • Generates more electricity in shaded areas (DPM)
  • Longer life span (cooling fan avoids overheating, reducing pressure on parts)
  • Reliable for outside installation (rigorous testing)
  • Highly communicative with easy monitoring
  • Allows for two solar inputs 
  • 5-year warranty, 10 years on parts 

So are Fronius inverters any good? In our opinion, they’re among the best. The rest of the team and I highly recommend Fronius inverters. While the ‘sticker price’ may seem higher, solar should be seen as a long-term investment. If you’re serious about going solar, I’ll always recommend investing in the best inverter you can afford. 

Good luck on your quest for energy independence! 

– Kev 


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