SENEC Perth’s Certified Installer of Solar Batteries

If you’re considering a solar battery for your new or existing solar PV system in Perth, you’ve likely already heard the name SENEC — and for good reason. SENEC solar battery storage systems are German-engineered and German-made, an assurance of quality in all aspects. That mark of quality is backed by a solid Australian presence and Perth office — useful in the case of maintenance or repairs.

According to SENEC, your home could become up to 90% power self-sufficient with a solar battery. Battery systems have become increasingly popular in recent years as their price has dropped significantly and levelled out. We’ve seen an increase in purchases by families, retirees, and those about to enter retirement as a way to stabilise living expenses long-term.

How does a SENEC Battery System work?

A solar PV inverter without a SENEC battery will send power generated onto the grid, earning you a Feed-In Tariff (FiT) of a few cents. When panels aren’t generating any power in the evening, you’ll be drawing from the grid, usually at about three times the cost of what you were paid for it. As premium FiTs for solar energy have dropped, power bills have been on the rise.

The SENEC.Home is an all-in-one system featuring a SENEC inverter, battery management system and battery modules. The SENEC.Home V3 will work with any new or existing solar system.

With a SENEC battery system, you store your energy on-site and draw from it as you need it. Run all your essential electrical devices on nights, cloudy days, even during a blackout, depending on your set-up. This allows many households to reduce their electricity bills by as much as 90%.

SENEC’s multi-award-winning technology typically cycles the battery twice daily, supporting you through your morning and evening peaks. “Cycling” doesn’t have anything to do with those lycra-clad guys outside your local cafe — put simply: it means running your battery until it’s fully discharged then charging it up with solar or off-peak grid power.

Why wouldn’t you embrace the power of energy independence? Perth has the most sunny days per year of any Australian capital city; as a homeowner, it would be silly not to use that to your advantage.

Does a SENEC battery work in a Perth blackout?

A standard SENEC system needs to be connected to the grid to fulfil its standard functionality. With SENEC Backup Pro (additional package), your battery system can work in place of, or alongside, a traditional diesel generator.

In regional areas where grid power outages typically take longer to remedy, this can be a blessing – especially in cases of extreme weather events and downed power lines. If you’re looking to be entirely off-grid or island capable, talk to the Koala Solar team about what you may need to turn this into a reality.

Installing SENEC to reduce Perth’s CO2 emissions

The typical Australian family household uses 15-20kW of energy every day (averaged annually). Depending on your panel array, most of that could be coming from the sun. If you have pool pumps running or air conditioning that you use on hot or cool evenings, your savings by installing a battery system could be even higher.

A SENEC battery is kind to the environment and your wallet. Installing a battery system means less reliance on fossil fuels that contribute to climate change.

Types of SENEC systems in Perth: The SENEC V2

The SENEC V2 is compatible with any existing solar array and uses a lithium-manganese-cobalt-oxide battery with a built-in battery inverter. Capable of holding 4x 2.5kW batteries (modular and expandable) and potential for additional daisy-chain battery additions, it’s ideal for anyone wanting to store their surplus solar energy. The V2 has a 100% DoD (Depth of Discharge) and comes with a 10-year warranty as standard.

The V3 Hybrid: A game-changing solar battery

With an unbeatable 20-year extended warranty, the SENEC V3 is better positioned than most to achieve a solid ROI. Available in various sizes, SENEC has a solution for your household or small business and is compatible with any new or existing solar array.

See what you’re saving with the SENEC App

The SENEC App allows you to view the performance of your whole system and track your savings as you go. See the power available from the comfort of your couch (or wherever you have internet connectivity) and take control of your family’s power supply,

What size SENEC solar battery do I need in Perth?

SENEC has a solution for homes, businesses and even light industrial uses in Perth. You can even upgrade your system with more battery storage after installation if required, getting you closer to complete energy independence.

Koala Solar is an official installer for SENEC in Perth, and we’re happy to offer recommendations that will suit your needs. Feel free to get in touch with us for a no-cost, obligation-free, on-site consultation.


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