SunPower Solar Panels for Perth

So you’re committed to getting solar and just need to decide on the right brand? Good on ya! You’re making a wise choice. You’re in Australia and we’ve got a whole lot of sunlight to use. And unlike fossil fuels, green energy isn’t going to run out!

Want to choose the solar panel brand that will give you a solid return on investment? Not all solar systems are made equal. Price, longevity, efficiency and recyclability are all factors that come to play.

So how do you choose solar panels that will power your household efficiently, reduce energy and save you money? Oh, and get bang for your buck while you’re at it?

SunPower solar Panels in Perth are hot right now (sorry, I had to do it). And these panels will seriously light up your life (okay, I’m done).

Here’s why SunPower is a brand we love.


SunPower solar panels are where it’s at

At Koala Solar, we only sell the best. What’s the point in promoting solar panels that aren’t up to scratch? Supplying only the best isn’t just for our reputation’s sake — dud panels hurt homeowners, the industry and the environment!

So let’s get to know SunPower. The company was established in Silicon Valley California in 1985. Since their beginning, they have set the record in innovation and have been awarded over 900 patents. Meaning? These guys invent impressive stuff!

SunPower solar panels are now considered to be the Rolls Royce of solar panels. They claim to be the most efficient and reliable solar panels available, and these claims aren’t empty ones. They’re backed by research.

SunPower gives homeowners a 25-year warranty. Yes. You read right. A 25-year warranty for your panels. That was the age of my quarter-life crisis! Too much information? Sorry! But seriously, if anything goes wrong with your panels, you can get them repaired or replaced.

Did I mention NASA use SunPower in some of their facilities? Yep! NASA. And we all know NASA aren’t ones to muck around when it comes to efficiency.

Another two impressive bows in SunPower’s arrow? SunPower powered the world’s first solar-powered boat to sail around the world purely on solar energy and will be powering a solar-powered plane’s flight in the future. If that’s not a testament to a solid brand you can rely on, I don’t know what is.

But those are just impressive (and fun) facts for you. Let’s get to the good stuff aka the solar panels that will power your house.


SunPower Performance solar panels

At Koala Solar, we’re lucky to be suppliers of SunPower solar panels in Perth, including SunPower Performance and Sunpower Maxeon solar panels. Let’s dive into the magic that is SunPower Performance first.

SunPower Performance solar panels have been supplying power since 2015. They have a high-efficiency mono PERC cell design that offers more energy and reliability than traditional front contact panels.

These solar panels generate more power – up to 8% in the same space over 25 years compared to conventional panels. This means you’ll need fewer solar panels to produce the energy you need and you’ll save money on your bill.

Worried solar panels will ruin your home design? These bad boys will make it look even better! SunPower Performance solar panels’ all-black design is super sleek and elegant too. (By the way, learn about solar panel cleaning here to ensure you don’t scratch your panels).


SunPower Maxeon solar panels

While SunPower Performance solar panels use high-efficient mono PERC cells (similar to other brands), SunPower Maxeon uses a completely different cell design altogether. And it all starts with a copper foundation.

Conventional cells use a metal paste for their foundation, which has been found to cause weakness in lab testing. With a strong copper foundation, SunPower Maxeon eliminates 86% of corrosion and breakage common in conventional panels. These guys last longer!

The SunPower Maxeon 3 panel was also the first 400-watt solar panel in Europe and Australia. SunPower Maxeon has been the most efficient solar panel in the industry for more than 10 years.

All these awesome technologies allow SunPower Maxeon to generate the most solar power and long-term solar energy in a given amount of roof space over the first 25 years. They’re efficient and they save you money.


Why choose SunPower Solar Panels in Perth?

SunPower is a reputable brand backed by years of research and trusted by highflier companies like NASA, Ford and FedEx. They are durable, reliable and most of all, powerful.

  • SunPower highlights:
    Most efficient solar panels in Perth (and on the market)
    SunPower Performance delivers up to 8% more energy than conventional cells in its first 25 years
    SunPower Maxeon delivers up to 35% more energy than conventional panels over the first 25 years
    25-year warranty (longer than other solar panel companies have been around
    SunPower is committed to ethical labour practices
    Durable (withstands harsh Aussie environments)
    All-black sleek design – blends into any roof design

Luckily, SunPower solar panels are now available in Perth through Koala Solar. If you want peace of mind, why not get a quote today?

– Kev Koala


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