What types of Residential Solar Systems are available? (On Grid vs Off Grid)

When choosing a solar power system for your home, there are two main types to choose from: 1./ On-Grid and 2./ Off-Grid (or Stand Alone).

1./ Grid-Connect Solar System

This system connects your home’s solar system into the public electricity grid. Power from your solar system can feed into the public electricity grid and is monitored through your power meter. Your energy company will pay you (or reimburse you) for your home’s contribution to the grid.

2./ Off-Grid (Stand Alone) Solar System

Off-grid solar systems operate completely independently of the public electricity grid. Perfect for rural homes and remote areas who cannot connect to the electricity grid, off-grid solar systems are also being adopted by families who want to be self-sufficient and not reliant on the public electricity system. Off-grid solar systems generally include additional components such as a backup generator and a battery bank, which stores the daylight energy harnessed by the solar system, enabling 24×7 solar power supply.

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