We Offer a Broad Range of 3kW Solar System Options

3kW solar systems are popular amongst most small to medium-sized households in Australia. These systems usually generate the equivalent of about two-thirds of total electricity usage. However, if a home a pool and the system is powering a pool pump and ducted air-con, it is not going to have a considerable impact on the electric bill.

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Cost of 3kW Solar System

The entry-level cost for a 3kW solar system (inverter and solar panels) is around $3,700. However, this could fluctuate and is ultimately determined by the quality of inverter and solar panels. We recommend always selecting a good quality inverter such as a Fronius, as inverters are the gateway between the solar panels and the electrical infrastructure of your home.

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Advantages of a 3kW Solar System

  • A 3kW solar system will generate more power and over time save you more money in electricity costs in comparison to 1kW or 2 kW system

  • If your 3kW solar system is installed in a non-shaded area and faced north will out around 4,271 kWh a year

  • By installing a solar system on you taking a positive step into energy independence and reducing your dependence on fossil fules


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