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A majority of Australian households (up to 5 people) that typically require a 5kW solar power system to offset the homes electricity usage and depending on the location of your home (important) and a variation of other factors. Your roof size should have at least 36 m2 of roof space to accommodate the 17-20 solar panels which will produce up to 5.1kW and , a 5kW system should generate approximately 20kW per day.

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Cost of a 5kW Solar System

The price of a 5kW solar power system varies due to multiple factors such as the quality and type of panels and inverter, the number of panels, and if you include a solar battery in the installation. Thus, purchase and installation costs could start at $4,500 without a battery and increase upto $13,000-15,000 with a battery. An inverter is a critical component in a solar power system as it is the gateway between the panels and your homes electrical infrastructure. Therefore, selecting a good quality inverter is essential when making a substantial investment in a solar power system.

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Performance of a 5kW Solar System

As mentioned previously, the location of your home (in-land or coastal) along with the angle of your roof will determine the performance of your system. A steeper roof angle is more likely to take advantage of the winter sun, and your system could perform better in winter in comparison to summer. A flat roof will have the opposite result, as summer periods would make the outperform winter periods.


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