Jinko Solar Panel

Jinko Solar

Cheetah HC 60M 330 Watt

Jinko Solar distributes its solar products and sells its solutions and services to diversified international utility, commercial and residential customers. Manufacturing excellence is the highest priority, underpinned by the 3rd party underwriter of our industry-leading warranty. Koala Solar provides Jinko Solar products and first-class service locally, from sales, customer service, supply chain management, to technical and warranty support.

Made in China

  • Australian office
  • Excellent module efficiency
  • Heat-strengthened glass
  • Tier 1 Solar Company

Install Timeframe

2-3 weeks in metro area and up to 5 weeks in regional area. We do all the approvals for you, once you approve the quote we complete the relevant applications from your energy provider.

Synergy connection fees
  • Onetime Admin Fee: $26.40 incl GST
  • Single phase meter upgrade: $138.24 incl GST
  • Three phase meter upgrade: $235.04 incl GST
  • Reprogram fee for compatible meter: $74 incl GST