Maxeon Solar Panel

SunPower Maxeon panels are fundamentally different. And better. With its unique copper foundation, Maxeon cell technology delivers exceptional quality and industry-leading results. The patented Maxeon design is proven across five generations and more than 3.5 billion solar cells.

Designed in USA

  • Australian office
  • Excellent module efficiency
  • Heat-strengthened glass
  • Tier 1 Solar Company

Install Timeframe

2-3 weeks in metro area and up to 5 weeks in regional area. We do all the approvals for you, once you approve the quote we complete the relevant applications from your energy provider.

Synergy connection fees
  • Onetime Admin Fee: $26.40 incl GST
  • Single phase meter upgrade: $138.24 incl GST
  • Three phase meter upgrade: $235.04 incl GST
  • Reprogram fee for compatible meter: $74 incl GST