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Solar Energy Battery Storage System

The SENEC battery storage system enables you to store energy generated from your solar panels and utilise 24/7. The battery system is compatible with all solar PV brands, regardless of the manufacturer, and can be installed with a new solar PV system or retrofitted to an existing solar PV system.

Increase your energy self-sufficiency to 80% with a SENEC battery storage system

The SENEC battery storage system is internet-connected with a smartphone app will allow you to track and control your energy usage, resulting in optimal efficiencies and a reduction in your power bills and is available in 4 different sizes, to suit your household needs.

SENEC is the only global battery storage manufacture with an office and onsite support team in Perth, who help with all product concerns guaranteeing their unmatched 10-year product warranty.

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How Does the SENEC Battery System Work?

The SENEC battery storage system is a rechargeable battery that automatically steps in as light levels drop, and your solar PV system cannot meet the evening energy demand. The system works throughout the night, and you can choose to reload energy from the grid at off-peak rates for the morning cycle.

Increase Your Energy Self-Sufficiency to 80%

Installing a SENEC battery system will result in a dramatic drop in your power bills by generating and storing over 80% of your energy requirements. If you require more storage, you can add up to 4 SENEC battery units to create a micro-grid.

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Benefits of a SENEC Battery System

SENEC battery systems are assembled in Germany, with most of the installed parts sourced from German manufacturers. All battery systems have a 10-year warranty or 12,000 cycles, the highest cycle rate in the industry. To maximise on the energy your solar PV system generates, a SENEC battery system is one of the best solutions on the market. If you require a quote, you have the option to give us a call on 08 9456 4763 or click the get a quote button to get started.

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