Active Solar System

The Envirosun Active Solar System is configured with a roof-mounted solar panel system that is connected to a hot water storage tank located on the ground in a convenient and out-of-the-way location. The basic operating principle of these systems is that when the solar panels produce energy, the heat is transferred into the storage tank, which then activates a pump to circulate hot water from the collectors and replace it with cool water from the tank. When the tank is full of hot water, the pump is in standby mode ready for the next cycle.

Made in Australia

2-3 weeks in metro area and up to 5 weeks in regional area. We do all the approvals for you, once you approve the quote we complete the relevant applications from your energy provider.

Synergy connection fees
  • Onetime Admin Fee: $21.90 per account
  • Meter upgrade: $95.70 incl GST
  • Reprogram fee for compatible meter: $95.70 incl GST