Huawei - Smart String


The Huawei - Smart String - 3-phase inverter is compact, light and supports simple installation, instant wiring and comes with IP65 natural cooling. The inverter is high-efficiency topology, with a max efficiency of 98.6% and has an integrated energy storage interface.

Made in China

  • Australian office
  • Battery ready
  • Wifi enabled
  • 10 year warranty

Install Timeframe

2-3 weeks in metro area and up to 5 weeks in regional area. We do all the approvals for you, once you approve the quote we complete the relevant applications from your energy provider.

Synergy connection fees
  • Onetime Admin Fee: $26.40 incl GST
  • Single phase meter upgrade: $138.24 incl GST
  • Three phase meter upgrade: $235.04 incl GST
  • Reprogram fee for compatible meter: $74 incl GST